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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Obama Quilts

One of my favorite pattern names is Burgoyne Surrounded. Quilting has always been influenced by current events and that, in my opinion, was the unofficial theme for this show. Two quilts documenting and commemorating the election and all the hope and change that went with it.
The artists are Sherry Shine and Olga Butora. The Quilt is hand painted, drawn with charcoal and embroidered. It is machine quilted.
Sylvia Hernadez is the artist of the second work to reference Obama. The quilt patterns are from a book about Underground Railroad quilt patterns. The text is from Martin Luther King Jr's I have a Dream speech. I believe the face is hand embroidered.
This detail shows the face more clearly.


Diana said...

When I saw the photo of the quilt by Sherry Shine, emotions just ran through my body. What a wonderful piece of art for a new era.

Ms. Hernandez quilt is simply beautiful. I love the image in the center of the Undergound Railroad quilt. Spectacular! Diana Bracy - QuiltArtist

Laura said...

Aren't they wonderful? I think we can look forward to a new catagory of quilts: The Obama quilts.