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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Favorite Quilts: At the Edge of Chaos

I have some favorite quilts that I come back to for ideas, inspiration and sheer enjoyment over and over again. I really love this one. It is very busy with all things tea. How could I not love it? The artist is Norika Ikeda of Japan. I seem to have a weakness for Japanese-made quilts.

The text includes the names of quilts (broken dishes, log cabin), correspondence, addresses and cancelled stamps. This detail shows the words and music to the Star Spangled Banner! I believe many of the cups and dishes here and all over the quilt are cut from printed fabric and appliqued
in layers. There are also tea-thing-shaped buttons scattered about. It is really a large scale, fabric collage. It approaches the edge of chaos but doesn't descend. I believe the theme holds it together.
More details.
The quilting is free-form and I believe done by machine. Here is some metallic quilting/embellishment.

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